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Do you need a logo designer?

Are you looking to set up a new business and need a logo designing? Are you thinking of doing it yourself or using a professional logo designer?

Please sit down – if you’re not – and let’s have a chat.

Your logo could be the single most important part of your business. Or it could be an incidental thing that you and your customers don’t even think about. It all depends on what, and how, you are going to sell your products or services. If you are a manufacturer selling components your brand may not be that important. What may be more crucial to that kind of business is the service you actually give your customers. And of course price. The style and colour of your company brand and the image it portrays is probably not too important to them as they simply want a good quality product and reliable service from a business they can trust.

However, if you are competing in the market place and trying to convince consumers to buy into your brand over another, you may need to rethink your branding strategy. Whether we like it or not brands play an important role in consumer buying decisions. Yes the products have to be right and they have to want the benefit that particular product gives them, but, they will still have a choice between what you offer and what a competitor offers. And yes your brand could just pay a role in that. A cool iconic brand will do more for a company than a badly designed  amateur one.

If, however, you are a small business trading with known customers who aren’t in the position to be sold to by your competitors, do you really need an expensive brand to be designed for your business. Probably not. Whether you should design it yourself is another matter, but you may not need to spend thousands of pounds on it. Why not have a go at creating your logo yourself first?  Keep it simple and see how you get on. See if you can get a design you like in a style you think will represent your business. Remember to keep it generic as anything specific you put in the logo will date and may not appeal to your customers.

And rest assured if you need help or get completely stuck with the design of your brand you know where we are and we will be happy to assist you in creating your new company brand. We are top logo designers and have all the expertise you need.

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