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Need a ‘call to action’ on your website that really works? Here’s how…

The point of having a website is so that people buy your product or service right? To do that you need to get them to act or respond to a particular offer or message. You need a call to action!


Here’s how to create a call to action that really works.

1. Explain the benefits

This is where most people go wrong, you need to communicate how your product or service will fix a problem. Tell the user what the benefits are FIRST before you even think of using a call to action. Not only that but you need to explain the benefits of responding!

Here’s a great example found on the Skype website;

‘Make calls from your computer — free to other people on Skype and cheap to phones and mobiles around the world. Download Skype’

Perfect. This is short, easy to understand AND it clearly explains the benefits of taking action.

2. Offer an offer

Watch the shopping channels for the best example of this. They never have just one offer, it’s many offers, in fact it’s many, many offers to persuade you to buy. Example, if you’re wanting a user to complete a form for market research then offer them something for taking part – enter them into a prize draw or a discount or their next purchase or both!

3. Keep it simple

You’re far better just having one call to action that’s noticed. Too many and you’ll confuse people. Try to structure things so that each page has a simple clear call to action. For example, you may want a user to pay for an item and then download it. In this instance it would be bad to present both options on one page, better to ask for payment and then offer the download. Just keep it simple, remember if you are confused then your customers will be. The fail safe is to watch how someone navigates your site, it should be smooth and decisive.

4. Create urgency

This is so important, create urgency so users know they have to act now. If you rely on people coming back to your website they won’t, it needs to happen now. Here are some classic call to action words;

· Call
· Buy
· Subscribe
· Donate

…and now improved;

· Call now offer ends this week!
· Buy today and receive a free gift
· Subscribe now and enter our FREE price draw
· Donate this month and we’ll send a free information pack

5. Location, location, location

Now here’s the trick, you need your call to action above the fold, centered if possible BUT make sure you present the benefits first. Users won’t click until they understand what’s on offer AND they don’t like to think they’re victims of pushy selling. It has to be noticed and positioned just at the point they’re thinking of committing.

6. White space

No, it’s not just something designers are obsessed with for the sake of it. White space removes clutter and makes your message clear. Notice how clever ads in publications use white space to stand out from all the other cluttered ads and articles. Surround your call to action with space and it will be noticed.

7. Be selective with colour

Now this is the only time you’ll hear a designer say this – use another colour! Let me explain, if your corporate colour is blue then choose a different colour for your call to action, say orange. This will make it stand out.

8. ‘Make it big’

Wow, another phrase designers hate BUT if it works then I guess we do it. Yep, size does matter when it comes to creating a call to action. Remember though, this article consists of 10 points, simply making it bigger won’t work it has to ‘obey’ all other rules. There, feel slightly better now.

9. Be consistent

If it’s top right then keep it top right on every page. Users quickly lose interest if they can’t find things, you wouldn’t move your navigation so don’t vary where you put your call to action. Be clear, be consistent and be successful.

10. Be more consistent

Once you’ve got them to click, you need to keep them on your site. You may think the hard works over, it’s not, you need to maintain their interest, remember internet users are fickle, they’re only ever a click away for your competitor. This means every page on your website need to be well designed, structured and fully thought through. Make sure the pages sat at the other side of your call to action are ALL good quality.

That’s it, easy. Easier still, you could let Halogen develop your website and we’ll take care of it for you! Check our our web design services.

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