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Save money and increase sales with our free business marketing check?

Would you like a free business marketing material? We will save you money and increase your sales.

If you have a logo and stationery – are they doing your business justice? Do they represent your products and appeal to your customers? We will give you free expert analysis as to their effectiveness in the marketplace. We will assess the image they portray to customers and advise on what can be done to improve them if necessary. Don’t worry, they may be fantastic and working very well for you, in which case we will congratulate you on a job well done. But we will be honest and offer a constructive assessment.

Do you have leaflets and brochures? Are these working hard enough as sales tools? Do they bring in orders and enquiries? We will go through them with you and make any suggestions on how they could be improved with our free business marketing check. Again, they may be great. They may be full of visual impact and interesting and punchy copy. They may be working just fine with the right amount of information to keep your potential customers interested and convince them to call you. We will be honest and clear and advise on what can be improved.

What actually makes a customer buy something?

Sometimes it is just a simple change that can make all the difference. Perhaps a different style of leaflet. Have you got enough information that could be used on a folded leaflet rather than a single sheet A5? Maybe you’re not getting your message across. Are you saying too many things at once? This is very common. It is understandable that you want to say as much as you can about your business or products.

The key is to remember what your customer is really interested in. Does anyone want to know the company history of a washing machine brand? Are they more keen to buy if it is run as a family business? Are they bothered by how big a factory is? These are key points to keep in mind when selling your products.

Customers tend to buy products for benefits. We buy clothes that make us look nice and we feel good in them. We buy kettles firstly because they give us a hot drink. We then choose one that we like the look of. If we didn’t want a hot drink – we wouldn’t even be looking at them. So the key to selling a kettle is to convince people they want a hot drink.

The challenge for us is to look at your marketing material and make sure you are giving customers the reasons to buy your products. If this is done well you are in a very good position to get sales. We will save you money by only doing what is needed to get your message across. So you get a ‘win, win’ less money going out and more sales money coming in!

Get in touch now and let’s make sure your business is selling the way it should be.


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