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Letraset is moving – but it’s still there.

So the legend that is Letraset is moving its factory to France and China.

It launched in 1961, and was the friend to every artist and designer for years until desktop publishing came along. Any of us of a certain age will never forget the burnisher and the sheet of dry transfer lettering that we needed to create our designs. How many people started a very interesting knack of joining two or even three letters together to make one that we had run out of. We could easily run a masterclass on our skill with a scalpel and a character or two of instant lettering.

I still have a wooden cabinet with trays and hundreds of Letraset sheets in my loft. I’m hoping they will be worth something as an antique sometime. I also can’t bring myself to throw them out. I look at them every now and again just to reminisce and reflect on the good old days of slow and painstaking artwork creation.

Whilst the Mac and graphic design as an industry changed for good there is still something very romantic about lining up each dry transfer character and spacing bar. It was not easy and many people got it wrong resulting in wavy lines of badly spaced character sets on artwork.

So good luck to my old Letraset friends and long may they stay in vogue and I’ll keep my old cabinet a little while yet just in case.

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