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Keep advertising, keep shouting!

Advertising is a must for every business. No matter what your business does, you need to tell the world you are there. How effective is your advertising?

Even your vehicles travelling around the local area are an excellent way of advertising your products or services. Your signage tells people who you are as people walk past, and your uniforms, if you have them, let people know your company exists as you walk around the streets.

These are all great ways to get your business across to potential customers and grow your advertising mix. Of course the best way is to build an advertising strategy. This could consist of a campaign involving press advertising, posters, bus stops etc. The key is to create a design concept that will get your key selling message across to your target market.

Using a strong visual image that will catch attention accompanied with a simple and effective message is the best way of getting people to see and absorb your message. This must be used and repeated over and over again until people are tired of hearing and seeing it. This is the point when it becomes lodged into their subconcious brain and remains memorable.

It is very easy to adapt a design concept to work in all mediums for maximum affect. Once the first one is created a full series can be created to work as newspaper adverts or magazine adverts. These can be run as repeated ads or you may wish to create a series of adverts that will work together. This would utilise the initial design concept but vary the image and copy to get different messages across over a period of weeks. This is very effective in getting the core message of a business across to an audience but also backing it up with other brand strengthening messages. These may be for other areas of the same business or alternative products.

The size of your advertising can be varied also. Using full page press advertss is difficult to beat visually but you can also get impact with half page ads and even quarter page ads. What works very well is a main full page ad which is then supported by smaller ads with similar messages throughout the publication. This gives people a reminder of your business as they read through the publication and helps to strengthen your brand and your advertising message.

A great option is the advertorial. This is designed to look like part of the publication. It consists of an ad and a write up on your business or products. The idea is to make it look like it’s part of the publication rather than a separate advert placed by an advertiser. This helps to convince the reader they are reading something genuine and not another advert from someone trying to hard sell to them while they are just trying to read a publication.

Advertorials are very successful in this and should be used by any business looking to generate sales from advertising. Designers will help to create an advertorial based on the look of the publication. This is vital in getting the same look of the specific publication you are looking to advertise in. You will appreciate there are many newspapers and magazines out there and they are all slightly different in appearance. They will use different typefaces for their banner headlines, sub headlines, and body copy. They will have slightly different design styles even though they will all look reasonably similar. It is imperative to get the same look so your designer will create the same style when they design your advertorial.

Whichever media you choose to put your adverts in you should plan it well. Do you need to place one advert a month, one a week, or one every couple of months? Would it be worth placing a series of ads to run consecutively or to appear in different parts of the publication? These are all questions your designer will advise you on. The key here is to ensure you get maximum coverage for your money. It’s pointless placing an ad in a magazine that nobody in your target market is going to see. You maight as well not even bother. So think carefully about what your target market reads and aim for those publications only.

Of course you could also look at bus stops, bill boards, or even shop windows. It all depends on what you are selling and who you are selling to.

Our advice, as always, is to talk it through with your designer and marketing expert and ensure you choose the right advertising creative accompanied with the best media to hit your chosen target market. This will get you the best return on your investment, increase your brand strength in the market arena and thereby improve your sales.

At the end of the day this what we all want – isn’t it? Keep advertising!


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