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how to make business websites work harder

A website is crucial for any business. It puts your product or service out there, spanning the entire globe it extends your brand and gives you credibility.

Many businesses have websites that simply don’t perform. They may look okay and function but they fail to generate new leads. Even when businesses invest in Search Engine Optimizsation (SEO), advertising, social media and professional web design they still fail. There’s only one reason to have a website and that’s to generate sales.

Good web developers and designers know exactly how to deliver a good return on your website investment. It starts with the message, understanding your brand and extends to how you structure pages, use images and the tone of your content. Most importantly they create engaging content which leads to a call to action.

If your site is optimised and you’re receiving traffic you’re half way there. The task then is to ensure people contact you. You may need to offer an incentive or nudge people in the right direction. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your website works harder for you:

1. Identify your market – Always consider your target market and ensure every single element of your website is designed for them. This includes message, style, structure, content and so on. Designing for your market will help to engage your audience and communicate with them. 

2. Be concise – Write compelling copy and structure information such that users can drill down if they need to. Don’t bombard people with information and remember to give them a reason to contact you for help and advice. Always consider the ‘fold’, many people won’t scroll past the first screen of content. The home page is key as is the top of the screen. Using sliders to deliver key messages is very effective.

3. Create paths – Every single element on your website should be there for a reason and each page should have an objective. Your website should create a clear path that users are compelled to take. It should lead directly to your contact page or buy page.

4. Devices – Recently mobile devices have overtaken the sale of desktop computers. Whatever your market ensure your website renders well on mobile and tablet devices. Not only is this important for user experience (UX) but recently Google declared it would boost mobile-friendly pages in its mobile search results.

5. Call to action – It’s an obvious one but so many businesses fail to have there address and telephone number on their website. A call to action is crucial, although just having your telephone number on your website doesn’t guarantee conversions. You must consider positioning, prominence and the offer.

If you need your business website to work harder contact us now. We carefully plan every aspect of your website to ensure it motivates visitors to engage and contact you. We use strategic design, navigation and content. We write compelling copy and well placed calls to action to create new business opportunities.

Call 0191 226 7321 now and make sure your business website is working hard for you.



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