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how to ensure your logo and branding isn’t lost

It’s fair to say that most company logos get lost in a world of sameness. Why? Because few companies actually get to grips with what they really offer and how they are different. Perhaps worse still is that some branding design and marketing agencies don’t ask enough questions to extract the right brief. This all leads to a world where brands are lost, weak and don’t tell the consumer anything about what companies ‘actually’ offer.

Branding is about presenting your company and telling the world about what you do BUT it’s more than that, it’s about showing customers the ‘real’ you. Your market needs to recognise you and make an emotional connection.

If you’re looking to design a new logo and branding Halogen can help. We’ll work with you, helping you to look inward at your company to extract it’s values and personality. We take time to get to know you and your company, it’s culture and character, before strategically designing your logo to ensure it really connects with your market. It’s meaningful, powerful and gets your message across.



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