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Great North Run ends in draw – well we say it did.

The Great North Run really was just that – a great north run.

The north east race really does offer one of the most exciting races on the sport calendar. It is a race that everyone in the north east, whether Newcastle, South Shields or further afield around Durham and Northumberland should run at least once in their lives.

What an amazing finish between Mo Farah, Kenenisa Bekele and Haile Gebrselassie. Haile set a tremendous pace throughout the race but couldn’t quite keep it up until the finish. As he faded Mo Farah and Kenenisa Bekele changed up a few gears and Bekele pulled away from Mo. Of course we have seen enough of Mo to know what a fantastically fast finish he has and true to form he lengthened his stride and caught up to Bekele with about 40 metres to go only for Bekele to reach inside and pull away again with metres to spare and win the Great North Run for 2013. What a race with just one second between the two olympic athletes.

Newcastle, South Shields and the north east once again can be proud.

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