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Google copying Apple?

Apple ditches its rich textures, gets rid of all shadowing, and calls time on skeuomorphing.It bascially ‘goes flat’ and creates a designer styled interface that abandons any kind of ‘techy’ style buttons with graduations and shadows. Then, guess what, Google announces they are going to “streamline users’ experience of its services to prevent distractions”. They are basically ‘flattening’ its logo. YouTube has laos flattened its logo and simplified it.

This is an interesting development in the wake of Apple rolling out its iOS7 which, in the words of Jonny Ive –
“When we sat down last November (to work on iOS 7), we understood that people had already become comfortable with touching glass, they didn’t need physical buttons, they understood the benefits,” says Ive. “So there was an incredible liberty in not having to reference the physical world so literally. We were trying to create an environment that was less specific. It got design out of the way.”

Speaking as a graphic designer, I would naturally say this is a good thing. Design, for too long, has been in the hands of ‘techy’ types who are doing nothing for the advancement of good quality design. There are far too many graduated boxes, buttons, panels, roundels, headers which add nothing to an overall design. So if this move by Apple is getting everyone else to follow and get design back to being simple and functional then I for one shall rejoice. And may many other people and companies copy Apple.

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