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Branding your business – as shown in breaking bad.

Does every business need a brand? Are you revising and branding your business?

Just take a lesson from Breaking Bad. If you have not seen it yet, WHY NOT? Whilst we would never condone ‘cooking meth’ or drug dealing, the series does highlight what every business needs. A niche market, a brand to identify it, and solid distribution. Walter White decides to put his chemistry genius to good use by cooking the best meth ever made. Recently diagnosed with cancer he chooses this ‘meth’od (sorry) to provide financial support for his young family.

The fact this goes from bad to badder and then baddest makes for a great drama, but the key thing here is his identity. His product is the best ever made and his process taints it to a blue colour. It becomes known an ‘blue meth’. And everyone meth head in the land wants it.

Now we are not suggesting we all start cooking meth but branding is simply crucial to your market being able to identify your product.

People cannot remember names of companies very well. It’s true! We all have so much information in our heads now with a vibrant digital age of tablets (the iPad kind) and smart phones, that our heads are positively buzzing with this and that from here and there and everywhere. No wonder we need simply designed iconic logos from our favourite companies in order to try and remember who they are. “But it’s not hard to remember Apple”, I hear you say. No, that’s true. But I bet you aren’t aware of the first Apple logo, or the second, or third. That’s because they weren’t the giant global conglomerate they are now. When they were starting out they had a black and white illustration of Sir Isaac Newton and the infamous apple. Of course they don’t use that now as they quickly realised it did not fit their company ethos and was far too complex.

So, yes you need a brand, and you need a good one. And you need a simple one. Something that people will be able to remember. It needs to be simple as it will be used on every single item of paper, wrapping, stationery, bag, advertising, website page and brochure that you will ever use. It will even go on your vehicles if you have any. It is going to be seen everywhere and we want everyone who does see it to remember it and know it the next time they see it. Whether they see your name or not we want them to recognise your brand. This is called brand awareness. The process by which whoever sees your brand and wherever they are they will recognise it as you. This builds brand recognition and strengthens your market awareness of who and what you are.

Then one day without even questioning why – one of those people will buy one of your products simply because they recall your brand and feel comfortable with it. It has done its job and we will have done ours.

Do brands take a long time to create?

No they don’t. At least not when you know what you are doing. It normally only takes from a few days to a couple of weeks. There are many avenues available now to get a logo or brand. The vast majority of which are simply people who will use something that already exists and adapt it to suit what you want. That is not the right way to create a distinctive brand. That will give you a tired and well worn idea of a brand. Of course if that is what you want for your business then go ahead. It will be very easy to achieve but will not take into account your business or any creative development work you may wish to be carried out on the design.

We will work with you very closely to reach a specific design that you like and, more importantly,  your market will like. The objective is to uphold your company ethos in the style of the brand and also appeal to your target market. It is no good if you love it but your market does not. They will be buying into it and not you.

What is involved in creating a new brand?

The first stage is a simple discussion. Between us all we agree on what is needed and the creative direction the brand should follow.

Next comes our initial ideas. These are presented to you to get a feel for what you like and why we have done what we have done.

Then we can tweak. Following this discussion we can make changes and develop the designs you like. We can look at all options we think will work with the chosen design to ensure we have explored everything possible to make you brand as strong and distinctive as possible.

The final stage is where you agree on the final design. This is then fine tuned to be used across all media available ready for marketing and print.

Can I use the logo in Word?

Yes, of course, we will provide all formats so you can use your new brand in all relevant documents you need. We will also provide guidance on its use – brand guidelines – this is very important to ensure all documents you issue to your customers look the same and have the same colours and messages. This is how you build the strongest brand. Everything your customers will see needs to look like they are all from the same family.

How easy is it to rebrand?

We will work very closely with you to rebrand your company or organisation. We can either tweak carefully your existing brand to bring it up to date and give it a fresher look, or we can create a completely new brand for you which will appeal to your existing customers but also attract new ones. This is a very simple process, but one that must be done right. We can structure the change for you so you are not spending a massive budget at the outset on changing all your marketing material.

Get in touch and we’ll create your ‘blue meth’, so to speak!

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