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A lesson in design from Apple

Simple and beautiful design, that’s it. Apple don’t follow fashion or the latest design trends, they keep it simple, they show you the product without fuss or clutter. No flash, swooshes or gimmicks. Apple design is of the highest quality and it works.

Take a look at the Apple homepage, different isn’t it. There’s no clutter, they’re not trying to tell you everything about their products in one hit, it’s structured making it clear where to look first and where to go next. Brilliant. It really goes against what most of us would think is good design or marketing. There’s a temptation to try and sell too hard and put everything on your home page, the result is your audience can’t digest it all, they get lost, they switch off. Good quality, minimal design not only looks visually better but it works, it sells.

When it comes to structure and interface design Apple are clever. They allow you to drill down and find all the information you need, strategically leading you to what you are looking for. It’s considered and planned to provide the best user experience.

If you look at design work produced by graphics students you’ll often find that ideas are overworked. Why? Simple, because they’re out to impress which means they’ll overwork ideas and designs. It takes a brave designer to create something simple and clean, a designer who’s prepared to challenge and defend good design.

Halogen follow the Apple school of design, take a look through our design portfolio, we’d love to hear from you.







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